All you have to know to make the most of the Nucleon theme.



Welcome to our Documentation section! This section is built to help you take advantage of our Nucleon HubSpot Theme. We articulated our documentation around several sections: we advise you to explore them one by one in the following order. It will help you build your website step by step and get a good understanding of its features. 


Get Started:

Here’s where you should start! This section gives you a quick overview of how to use the documentation and the associated resources.


Theme Settings:

Before building any website pages, we recommend setting your overall styles and options to get a solid foundation for your website. This is the section where you’ll learn to set up your theme, your branding options (colors, fonts, etc) and the general settings of the modules you’ll use within your website.



Get an overview of the templates that are included into the Nucleon Theme and how to use them.

Global Groups:

This section will show you how to use what HubSpot calls the "global groups". Global groups are global modules that are used across your website. When you edit a global group, the changes you made affect all the occurrences of the module everywhere you're using it on your website.

Within the Nucleon theme, the global groups are: 

  • the Header Module
  • the Footer Module
  • the Global Breadcrumb Module



This section is an overview of the custom modules that are part of the Nucleon Theme. Get the entire list of the modules that are available within the theme and discover how to use them.



Learn how to use the blog templates.


System Pages

The system pages are specific pages that are required when you create a website in HubSpot, like 404 or 500 error page, subscription page, backup unsubscribe page, etc. Discover the templates included in the Nucleon Theme.


FAQ / Quick Answers

The FAQ section is a quick and easy way to explore the most common questions about Nucleon. Feel free to check this section if you have any questions, or just ask us!



You need help to achieve your project with Nucleon? Feel free to contact our support, we'll be happy to help!